Hummer Single Out Now! 

We just dropped the first single from our upcoming acoustic EP.  It is an acoustic rendition of The Smashing Pumpkins song "Hummer" from Siamese Dream.  They are such a huge influence on us as musicians and when we discussed doing a cover (a first for us) it didn't take long to settle on The Smashing Pumpkins.  It was kind of a last-minute decision in the recording process for "Abandon Yourself" and it was basically recorded and mixed in a day.  We were so stoked on how the song turned out we decided to use it as the single for the EP. 

When making the post for Instagram, I tagged Billy Corgan himself in the post on a long shot that we would actually see it.  After posting it Thursday night, November 5th, I woke up to almost a thousand views and a bunch of comments including "Great cover. Billy enjoyed this too!".  I sort of blew this off at first thinking it was a joke or something.  It turns out Billy Corgan himself actually posted the song to his Instagram story and all these views and comments were due to that.  It is pretty awesome to know one of our musical idols took the time to listen and "validate" our cover of the song in some way. 

We are excited to share the rest of the EP with you all soon.  "Abandon Yourself" will be out on December 11th, 2020!

Thanks for reading!

Solitary Set

Play For Purpose Compilation 

Solitary Set contributed a song for a new benefit compilation that just released today. 100% of the proceeds go toward Eden Autism and the compilation is over 60 songs from some great artists! If you make a $10 donation today, every penny goes straight to Eden Autism because it is Bandcamp Friday! 

Huge thank you to Joey Affatato for organizing this and inviting us to be a part of the release. We are super stoked to help out in any way we can. There are some killer songs on the comp including some from HellMinded Records and DIMM Entertainment artists. Show some support if you can! 

Find the compilation here and donate if you can.

Read more about Eden Autism here.


Acoustic EP Coming Soon 

We have been pretty quiet since things shut down due to COVID, but we have been super busy writing and recording new music.  We are going to have a lot of updates coming soon with details on the releases.  The first to drop will be an acoustic EP that we started recording earlier this year with Alex Champagne at the Music Space.  Mostly it is going to be really stripped-down versions of songs off of The Series Parallel, but there will be a couple of surprises as well. 

Here is a video of Tanner discussing the release and previewing one of the tracks while mixing. More coming soon!